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Recent Projects

The Escape Villa

A luxury beachfront getaway on beautiful Islands. The Escape Villa, our finest collection of private beachfront vacation from 2 bedroom villas to luxury 8 bedroom oceanfront homes.

Tropic Sun Villas

Six delightful plots in a private gated community, each approximately 600 square metres, with 4 superb villas already completed ready for occupation.

VISAs for Thai Nationals

We provide a complete and professional United Kingdom (UK) application service for a variety of VISAs for Thai Nationals.

Agarvita Co., Ltd.

Agarwood, the dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria & Gyrinops trees in response to mold, commonly also referred to as gaharu, jinko & aloeswood, has been valued in many cultures for centuries for its distinctive fragrance & is primarily used for incense & perfumes, among other products.

Coco Retreat Phuket & Spa

Located on a beautiful hillside in the South of Phuket near the well known Wat Chalong Temple and with a breathtaking mountain view...